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Why is the bank building bigger than my house?

Have you ever noticed that financial institutions have multi-story office buildings and you live in a home that is much, much smaller? Ever think about why that is?


Yep, the reason is debt. Debt is an anchor that takes control of your income, both now and in the future. It makes you a slave to the lender and to your job. The interest you pay is what allows financial institutions to build great big buildings.

The companies that sell products spend billions of dollars each year convincing you that you can have whatever you want, and that you can have it right now. They make it sound so good and so easy to make it yours, but there’s a catch.

  • That car you want comes with a 7 year loan.

  • That new HDTV comes with interest when you put it on your VISA.

  • New living room furniture was “90 days, same as cash” - only it’s not the same.

What those companies never bother to tell you is that the payments and interest will get in the way of things like starting your own business, buying a house in the country, or building your retirement fund.

Stop being a slave to debt.

Stop playing the game in a way that benefits major corporations and financial institutions and hurts your financial future.

Take control of your income and live your life debt free. I promise, you will never want to go back.

If you are in a hole, put down the shovel and stop digging. If you are going to get out of debt, stop accumulating more debt. Take the credit cards out of your wallet and put them out of sight.


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