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Want more money? Dream in Technicolor.

People that dream about the future succeed with their money and savings more often than those who do not. Why is that? Because they have something in mind to work toward that might be worth sacrificing a little for.

Perhaps your dream is a home in the country – or traveling the globe. Whatever it might be; try to visualize it in as much detail as possible. Spend time planning, or designing what your future looks like. Get so you can see your future in High Definition Technicolor. The more real it is to you, the better.

Now that you have a picture of your dream, put it in your monthly budget so you can start saving for it. Create a picture to put on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. You can even create some sort of artistic progress tracker to help you visualize your progress.

When you don’t have a goal you are working toward, it is too easy to make the convenient choice about your money. Why not just order a pizza instead of cooking? Why shouldn’t I go out tonight and drop $100? Because you have a dream you are working toward that will not happen if you spend all your money every month.


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